At least 30 more ISPs subpoened by DOJ – this time not just Google

March 30, 2006

A freedom of information request by Informationweek has revealed that the Department of Justice is seizing data from at least 30 Internet Service Providers:

In its effort to uphold the Child Online Protection Act, the U.S. Department of Justice is leaving no stone unturned. In addition to America Online, MSN, and Google, the government has demanded information from at least 34 Internet service providers, search companies, and security software firms, InformationWeek learned through a Freedom of Information Act request. has issued subpoenas to a broad range of companies that includes AT&T, Comcast Cable, Cox Communications, EarthLink, LookSmart, SBC Communications (then separate from AT&T), Symantec, and Verizon.


And you thought it was bad when they went after Google.

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