A few thoughts on the iPad

by mcastellon on April 6, 2010

It’s been just under a week since I began getting really excited about the iPad. The idea of having a mobile, flatscreen web browser, media player and word processor was almost too much to bear. That excitement is wearing off.

Will I get an iPad? Maybe. But if I don’t, here’s why: By some accounts the iPad is difficult to type with, especially if you try to write more than a few sentences. This is frustrating for bloggers, students, and people who deal with lots of text for a living.  Sure, you can hook the device up to an external keyboard, but at the cost of compromising the iPad’s purpose — to fill the space between phone and laptop.

I want a device similar to the iPad that’s more than a media viewer. I want a media creator; one that has a front-facing camera and USB ports to attach external devices. I don’t want to deal with unstable wi-fi, and I want the ability to install OSX-compatible software of my choice.

I haven’t ruled anything out, but for now, I’m not completely sold.

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