by mcastellon on May 29, 2005

My fiance Lauren’s parents and grandmother came over tonight. Lauren’s grandmother turns 97 on Wednesday, and I am pretty sure she is in better shape than anyone I know. She’s an inspiration to everyone who knows her. Literally, everyone.

To put her 97 years into context:

– she was 33 when Pearl Harbor was attacked
– she was 61 when man set foot on the moon
– she was 25 when The New Deal began
– she was 78 when the space shuttle Challenger disaster occured
– she was 43 when Mickey Mantle first appeared in a Yankee uniform

When you put her life experience into context like this, you can see how truly amazing her history and experience is. Now consider that she lives on her own, and she still makes the finest cheddar cheese dinner rolls you have ever eaten.

I won’t mention the gravy she makes, because words cannot describe it.

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